AUTOGRIP, a specialist solution provider of Power Chucks and Rotary Cylinders, wins Taiwan Excellence Award 2020

AUTOGRIP provides an experienced solution for special-purpose power chucks, rotary cylinders, and clamping series. This year, Autogrip is welcoming its 30th anniversary and highlights the two main characteristics of “Great Rigidity and Infallible Precision,” in order for Autogrip Machinery Co. Ltd. to further flourish globally and share in a bright future with our customers.

The awarded 3W series are special-purpose power chucks with innovative ball lock designs for gripping tapered casting parts, with a self-centering function. 3W can grip the workpiece in the radial direction and then pull down simultaneously. Gripping on forging or casting part with a taper up to 20°, Jaw equalizing: 5° Max., anti-dust, seal proof and easy maintenance.

  • 3W is a power chuck with a self-centering function
  • Grip the workpiece in the radial direction and then pull down simultaneously.
  • Gripping on forging or casting part with taper up to 20°
  • Jaw equalizing: 5°Max.
  • Anti-dust and Seal proof for cutting fluid, easy to maintain.

The 3W power chuck offers an optional on/off feature which allows an easy change from centralizing to compensating (3W-C). 3W-C swing compensation-type three-jaw chuck can offer centralizing and compensating functions.

Our product lines include a complete set of 79-inch and under series, and related products such as Power Chucks, Special Purpose Power Chucks, Collet Chucks, Stationary Chucks, Synchronous Clamps, Facing Heads, Rotary Cylinders, Rotary Valve/ Rotary Joint, and Accessories.

For more information about AUTOGRIP, please visit www.autogrip.com

YOUTUBE video: https://youtu.be/tT3BUAc8eVM

Taiwan Excellence Winning Products: https://www.taiwanexcellence.org/en/award/product/109064

AUTOGRIP 3W series are special purpose power chucks had wins Taiwan excellence 2020 award.


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