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Are you looking for a solution to transmit a fixed source to the rotating part of your machinery? Look no further than AUTOGRIP®'s rotary joints. Our rotary union joints are designed to input liquid or gas from the rear end or side of the pipeline into the rotating or reciprocating device, and then discharge it from it.

We offer two types of internal design structures: single channel and double channel, both of which can stably supply liquid or gas to the ""rotary body"" even under high pressure and high-speed rotation. Our rotating joints are an excellent solution for various industrial applications where there is a need for continuous rotation of a component, such as in rotary indexing tables.

In addition, AUTOGRIP®'s rotary joints can be used with rotary air cylinders and rotary hydraulic cylinders to achieve the purpose of central air injection or water injection required by the rotary cylinder. Our rotary unions can improve the efficiency and performance of your machinery, while also reducing maintenance requirements and downtime. Choose AUTOGRIP® for your rotary union joint needs and experience the benefits of our high-quality and reliable products. Contact us now to learn more.


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