AUTOGRIP® brand of machine chucks company


AUTOGRIP MACHINERY CO., LTD. was established in 1989, focusing on developing and manufacturing Machine Chucks and Parts, including Power Chucks, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Rotary Cylinders, Facing Heads, and Clamping Series products....

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AUTOGRIP® Machinery Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Our customers’ satisfaction is the greatest support for us to become more and more prosperous. We embrace the faith of honesty and integrity to instantly provide optimal solutions to our customers to satisfy their diversified demands.

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AUTOGRIP Mechanical Testing Lab for machining chucks.

AUTOGRIP Mechanical Testing Lab.

AUTOGRIP mechanical testing lab. continues to develop reliable testing equipment and techniques for controlling the quality of machine chucks and parts products.
We keep close tabs on our quality control to make sure our customers are satisfied.

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Production Equipment of AUTOGRIP® company

Production Equipment

Our factory is located in the middle part of Taiwan, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. AUTOGRIP offers world-class high-quality machining chucks products and services with high customer satisfaction.
In order to respond to diversified demands from customers, we keep introducing cutting-edge software and hardware.

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