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AUTOGRIP®'s stationary chucks are essential devices used in machining and industrial processes to securely hold and grip workpieces in place. Our chucks consist of jaws that can be tightened or loosened to securely grip or release the workpiece, and they are typically mounted on a lathe or other machine tool.

Our stationary chuck can be easily fixed onto the machine table for quick replacement during installation. The built-in hydraulic cylinder does not require separate installation, and air pressure can also be used as a power source. It is easy to install and can be processed by connecting the piping. Additionally, it can be used with a vertical chuck seat plate as an option. If you require customized products, please feel free to contact AUTOGRIP®.

We offer (VH, VP Series) combined types of stationary chucks and (SP, SM, SD, SU, SE Series) Integrated types of stationary chucks, suitable for drilling machines, milling machines, or cutting centers. Choose the right product for your needs below.

What is the Advantage of AUTOGRIP®'s Stationary Chucks?

The primary function of our stationary chuck is to provide a stable and secure way to hold the workpiece in place during machining operations such as drilling, milling, or grinding. Our chucks ensure that the workpiece remains in the correct position and orientation, which is critical for achieving accurate and consistent results.

Our stationary chucks come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different types of workpieces and machining operations. Some of our chucks have a self-centering feature, which automatically centers the workpiece when the jaws are tightened, while others have reversible jaws that can grip both the inside and outside diameters of a workpiece.

At AUTOGRIP®, we are committed to meeting the needs and requirements of our customers in terms of quality, performance, and reliability. Our engineering, manufacturing, and sales teams work closely to develop and market our products effectively. Trust us can help you make the best solutions for machining needs.


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