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AUTOGRIP Machinery are devoted to developing new CNC chucks product and providing customized services. Moreover, we keep introducing advanced equipment and technologies to manage business resources in R&D, production, QC/QA, and sales.
The CNC machine chucks product are widely used in lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and special machines, providing the most suitable solutions and services for workpiece clamping.

Autogrip produces power chucks as large as 2000mm (79”) and along with, including: power chucks, special power chucks, collet chucks, stationary chucks, manual chucks, hydraulic chucks, pneumatic chucks, Rotary table chucks, metal lathe chuck, turning chuck, milling machine chuck, and customized chuck, synchronous clamps, Facing Heads, air rotary cylinder, hydraulic rotary cylinder, rotary joint, Customized Rotary valve, parts, and Accessories....etc.
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