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Looking for a reliable supplier of rotary cylinders to enhance your automation processes? AUTOGRIP® has got you covered. Our rotating hydraulic cylinders are specifically designed to work with high-speed rotation of the spindle to drive the clamping and loosening of the chuck, making them an essential component in the automatic clamping configuration.

We offer two types of rotary cylinders, including rotary hydraulic cylinders and rotary air cylinders. Our hydraulic rotary cylinders come equipped with a built-in non-return valve self-locking mechanism, providing the function of central air injection or water injection, depending on the model. They can also be used with a stroke detection mechanism to ensure accurate positioning of the workpiece clamping.

Autogrip® Full range of Rotary Cylinders is recommended to you below, we strive to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of our clients, and we are also looking for agents, welcome to join us now.

What Industry 4.0 Brings to AUTOGRIP® Rotary Cylinders?

INDUSTRY 4.0 SMART MANUFACTURING, Autogrip® has improved product functions, and the rotary hydraulic cylinder can be equipped with a linear positioning sensing system. It is characterized by full-stroke detection, and the clamping position can be set in Teach-in mode. It is not necessary to manually adjust the proximity switch when changing workpieces. It is suitable for vertical lathes or sub-spindles with limited space. The selection of a linear positioning sensing system can make the workpiece clamping and positioning more accurate, and the quick setting can reduce downtime, increase work efficiency and increase production.


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