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AUTOGRIP® is a well-known collet chuck manufacturer in Taiwan. We are designed to provide a higher clamping force and faster speed than traditional collet chucks. The mechanism is activated when the inner collet bushing moves, changing the taper and driving the inner elastic collet to clamp the workpiece. Our precision collet chucks has a short profile that reduces tool interference, making them perfect for small work holding or automatic feeding of bar workpieces from the rear.

At AUTOGRIP®, we take pride in our unique waterproof design that prevents cutting fluid from entering the through hole of the spindle.
This feature ensures the longevity of our collet chucks, making them a reliable tool for your machining needs.

We recommend our full range of CNC lathe collet chucks, including draw types, end-stop types, and dead-length types of CNC collet chucks. Our lathe collets chuck types include spring collet types or rubber grip collet types. If you need customized lathe collet chucks products, please feel free to contact AUTOGRIP®.

Autogrip's Collet Chucks Common Quickly Q&A?

Autogrip collet chucks are essential workholding devices utilized in machining processes. These chucks consist of a rubber grip collet and a collet chuck, where the workpiece is securely held by clamping it between the collet and the chuck body. Specifically designed to be compatible with a diverse array of machining centers and turning machines, Autogrip collet chucks offer versatility in their application. These specialized sleeves, known as collet chucks, play a crucial role in firmly gripping workpieces during machining operations. In essence, Autogrip collet chucks ensure effective and reliable workpiece positioning for various machining tasks.

  • Small Workpieces:

    Rubber Grip Collets excel in securing small diameter workpieces with consistent and concentric clamping. Their specialized clamping action outperforms three-jaw chucks, particularly in handling smaller diameters.

  • Precision:

    Renowned for their accuracy and repeatability, Rubber Grip Collets are the choice for machining operations requiring tight tolerances and supreme precision. The uniform and concentric clamping force they provide is unmatched.

  • Enhanced Machining Accessibility:

    The design of Collet Chucks minimizes tool interference, granting superior access to workpieces. This design advantage significantly boosts machining efficiency, especially in intricate geometries or confined spaces.

  • Swift Changeovers:

    Rubber Grip Collets facilitate rapid transitions between different workpieces. Operators seamlessly swap out collets to accommodate various part sizes without the need for individual jaw adjustments, that's why our Collet Chuck is ideal for agile production setups.

  • High-Speed Capability:

    Collet chucks surpass three-jaw chucks in RPM handling, making them invaluable for high-speed machining needs. This prowess is particularly advantageous in crafting intricate small parts.

  • Round Feeding:

    Widely adopted in Round applications, Collet Chucks efficiently process long Rounds as the Rubber Grip Collet securely holds the Round, ensuring stability throughout continuous processing.

  • Axial Control:

    The Rubber Grip Collet excels in controlling axial runout, pivotal in maintaining concentricity during precision machining. For prioritizing minimal axial runout, Collet Chucks stands as the prime choice.

A collet chuck is a type of chuck that is used to secure either a workpiece or a tool on a machine tool. The specifications and purpose of a Collet Chuck vary based on whether it is designed for workpieces o rcollet tool. In the case of the AUTOGRIP® Collet Chuck, it is precisely optimized for workpieces and not intended for use with collet tool.

The purpose of a collet chuck for workpieces is to securely hold various types of workpieces during machining operations. These chucks are designed with a larger gripping range to accommodate different sizes and shapes of workpieces. They are commonly used in milling machines, lathes, and other types of machining equipment. The construction of the collet itself is designed to provide a strong and precise grip on the workpiece, often with a larger diameter and a more robust construction to handle the forces generated during machining.

AUTOGRIP® Lathe Collet Chucks for Workpiece are Equipped with Advanced Features and Functions Below:

  • All-inclusive clamping, the clamping force is evenly distributed to clamp the circumference of the workpiece, which can reduce deformation.
  • Quick jaw change and anti-swarf can reduce downtime and greatly improve production efficiency. It can also be equipped with a robotic arm for automatic line change.
  • The rubber layer prevents chips from entering the chuck, greatly reducing wear or jamming.

Trust AUTOGRIP® to deliver high-quality and reliable solutions for your machining needs.


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