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If you're looking for a solution to efficiently control gas or liquid on multiple workstations, AUTOGRIP® Rotary Valve company can be your answer. Our Rotary Valves are designed to tighten and loosen the clamps of each workstation according to the rotation angle, allowing you to achieve optimal machining accuracy and efficiency.

Our Rotary Valves are specially designed to ensure oil leakage-free and easy rotation, offering smooth and reliable performance. They are available in two types - (RV Series) Hydraulic Rotary Valve and (RV-A Series) Air Rotary Valve to fit different application needs.

In machining centers, Rotary Valves play a crucial role in controlling the flow of cutting fluids such as coolants and lubricants to the cutting tool. These fluids help remove heat from the cutting zone, improve tool life, and enhance surface finish. With a Rotary Valve connected to a coolant pump and a series of hoses or pipes, you can precisely adjust the flow rate and pressure of the coolant, ensuring consistent delivery and optimal temperature for the machining process.

If you're interested in enhancing your machining center's performance, consider AUTOGRIP® rotary hydraulic valves and rotary air valves. Our high-quality rotary valves will help you achieve better machining accuracy, extend tool life, and reduce maintenance costs. Contact us today to learn more.


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