AUTOGRIP, a specialist manufacturer of Power Chucks and Rotary Cylinders, has formally opened its new office building in March, 2018 in Taiwan.

The new build is 1000 sq. meter of floor area and located in the beautiful campus of AUTOGRIP. The R&D department and Sales department moved into the new office and the facility will also enable the company to demonstrate its range of standard and custom-made clamping products on site, providing additional, enhanced customer service and support.

AUTOGRIP provides the experienced solution for special purpose power chucks and rotary cylinders. With the excellence facility, we enhance the power for the development in every aspect - especially in the R&D, training and education.

AUTOGRIP is welcoming the 30th anniversary in 2019, AUTOGRIP highlights the two main characteristics of “Great Rigidity and Infallible Precision,” in order for Autogrip Machinery Co. Ltd. to further flourish globally and share in a bright future with our customers.

For more information about AUTOGRIP, visit www.autogrip.com.tw

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