Single Slide Facing Head
Single-Slide | WEDGE PLUNGER
  • Feed mechanism is Wedge Plunger, with steady feed speed. Simple adjustment for feed speed and stroke.
  • Matching surfaces of all parts hardened, grounding and lubricated directly. With rigidity and durability.
  • Stopper accurancy: ±0.03mm.
  1. Suitable for using with RS type cylinder.
  2. For precision processes, Wedge Plunger type facing heads are suitable for using with electro servo and ball screw mechanism.
ModelPlunger stroke
Slider stroke
Max. speed
Max. feed speed
Weight (kg)Matching cylinderMax. pressure
MPa (kgf/cm2)
FA-408 14 8 1600 400 4.2 RS-6520N 1.0(10)

* Subject to technical changes.

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