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3D Series - Pull Down Power Chuck is Autogrip® unique power chuck product. This advanced chuck is highly suitable for CNC lathes and turning centers. The D-type pull-down power chuck is a high-precision fixture that can perform functions such as radial clamping, axial pull-down, and workpiece position detection, making it suitable for applications requiring high-precision clamping and machining. If you have custom requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  1. Radial Clamping: The pull down chuck can clamp on the outer diameter of the workpiece, ensuring that the workpiece does not slip or rotate during clamping and remains fixed in a specific position.
  2. Axial Pull-Down: In addition to radial clamping, it also has axial pull-down functionality. The pull-down chuck can apply a certain amount of pull force in the axial direction of the workpiece, ensuring that the workpiece is pressed against the chuck's seat reference surface. This ensures that the end or surface of the workpiece facing the chuck remains flat, ensuring machining accuracy and consistency.
  3. Prevention of Floating: Axial pull-down helps prevent the workpiece from floating during clamping. This is crucial for applications where it is essential to keep the workpiece in contact with the chuck during the machining process to ensure machining precision.
  4. Airtight pressure detect function: It can be equipped with Airtight pressure detect function, with sensors or detection devices on the chuck for detecting the position, condition, or other characteristics of the workpiece. This data can be used for automated control systems to ensure that the pull down chucks perform their functions correctly and monitor the status of the workpiece.


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