Coolant Rotating Joint With Automatic ON/OFF Seal

Coolant Rotating Joint

  • Short form, light weight coolant rotating joint.
  • Coolant joint for high speed, high pressure.Usable for oil and water-soluble coolant.
  • Seal bushing inside is made of cemented carbide and ceramics,which provide higher wear-resistance.
  • The seal will depart automatically if no liquid passes during,operation, and will not be dmaged due to dry touching.
  1. Min. pressure is 4kgf/cm2.


Subject to technical changes.

ModelPV Limit value
Delivery amount
(at 50 kgf/cm2)
Max. speed
Max. pressure
Mpa( kgf/cm2)
Min. pressure
Mpa( kgf/cm2)

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