Manual Chucks

Synchronous Clamps - CP


Self-centering 3-jaw manual chuck

  • Thin and lightweight design and increase the z-axis machining range.
  • With the center hole cover and dustproof design for the accuracy and service life of the chuck.
  • For 5-axis indexing plates and milling machines.
  • 3MF series are not designed for the vertical or horizontal lathes, unless there is a rigid plate and providing adequate support rigidity and strength.

* Subject to technical changes.

  • Model Jaw stroke (Dia)
    Chucking Dia Max. allowable torque
    N.m (kgf.m)
    Max. clamping force
    kN (kgf)
    Max. speed
    min-1 (r.p.m.)
    3MF-20 80 500 142 170(17.3) 71.2(7300) 1150 121

    Model A B C(H6) D E F G H J(H7) K L L1 M
    3MF-20 500 85 160 465 12 155 ☐19 38.1 19.03 4~M16 6~M16 23 80

    Model N P1 P2 P3 Q max Q min R max R min S T(h8) U V Y
    3MF-20 192.5 29.5 76.2 135 254 214 139.7 99.7 50 12.7 15° 40 30

    You can download the outline drawing (in pdf or dwg format) and 3D step here. If you need more information, please contact AUTOGRIP. Thank you.
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